Our applications are currently CLOSED for the 2017 season.

Please stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for all updates on new markets and application openings for 2018.
In the meantime, check out our friends, Marketplace RVA (<-- click!), for a one-stop shop of other local markets! 

Oh hey - I've applied and applied and keep getting waitlisted, wtf?! 
Don't stop applying! We hear ya, but please note: with a limited indoor space, carefully curating our vendors each month is critical to create the best market we can for our loyal shoppers. We like to rotate and bring back repeat vendors we feel best fit the TBM vibe, while introducing new vendors we think will add to the Sunday fun. 
We encourage potential vendors to read over our vendor criteria, scroll previous market vendors, or stop by a market if you are looking to apply.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions! 

TBM Team


Thank you for your interest in selling at The Brunch Market! We've been so overwhelmed with support from our community and our event has grown into something we are so proud of! Hundreds of people show up each month looking for a good dose of Sunday Funday, brunch, and local shopping all under one roof. That in turn has led to an outpouring of inquiries from vendors in RVA and beyond. Our customers have repeatedly raved about the quality and variety of vendors each month and that is something we want to continue to bring to the table.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of what we're looking for when we make our vendor selections: 

First and foremost we're looking for quality makers, brands, and designers. From your actual product, to the materials and process, and final packaging and merchandising. Our market is looking to help grow our vendors past just the market day. A quality product that a customer feels good about purchasing is what keeps our market go-ers coming back. We want an array of great vendors and products that make an impact on the customer to ultimately lead to sales for you, the vendor, and hopefully repeat and loyal customers!

We know there are a plethora of overlapping categories, so we try to avoid having too many "same product" vendors at each event. We are always on the lookout for novel takes on a classic product or service and especially love seeing the original ways our makers take their brands to the next level.

From your in-person presence/table presentation to online store and social media, to your products packaging; we love brands that are aesthetically welcoming and engaging to customers. A strong brand identity is something that sticks with us, as well as future customers, and makes you and your goods easily recognizable. 

Generally speaking, we are looking for vendors whose products are made or designed by you OR if you're a local retailer, your goods have been curated by you and ethically made or sourced. We are supporters of the small business in all aspects, but for our market, we want to be sure all of the vendors are personally responsible for the goods they're selling. Whether that means being made by your own hand, or you know where your product came from and who made it. We're striving for locally made, designed, and ethically sourced.

We are not accepting vendors who are third-party sellers, multi-level marketing, or large corporation consultants.